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Individual Support System

Individual support system is a unique service that is being provided to you by “Help in Project”. Under this service we will help you in getting involved and in understanding each and every step and aspects of your project. Ones you opt for this service, our researchers will answer each and every question of yours related to your paper whether statistical or non statistical. This service will prepare you for your viva or to have an in depth understanding of your work. Through this service you will be benefitted in the following manner-
  • You will get to interact is with our experts that can be through e-mail, phone call or web conference or a personal visit
  • Get a crash course in understanding all the concepts in our research paper
  • Daily updates or conversation with our expert to help you understand about your area of research
  • Get help from our expert even after the delivery of your order up to a maximum of 30 days from the date of delivery
  • Get instant replies to your questions with detailed explanation
  • Get personally involved in the research process
Individual Support System – Standard

Individual Support System – Emergency