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Thesis plays the most significant part in a persons’ PhD degree. It is one hurdle that is between a student and his/her doctorate title. So, it is very important for a thesis to have some innovative and extremely rare findings with the most professional language and analysis with most conclusive and informative end. Help In Project providing thesis writing service makes sure that every aspect of your thesis is apt, right from topic to language and quality of content to statistical/ non statistical test to be conducted. From proper and sufficient number of references to proper formatting and the list continues. Hence we are a one stop shop for all thesis writing help required by you.

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Help In Project Thesis Flow

There are some chapters that are mandatory to be present in the thesis. Our PhD thesis writing services work at least on five chapters in a thesis which can then increase depending on the requirement and depth of the thesis and on the requirements of the university. These chapters are necessary but not sufficient to define the entire thesis since requirements can vary for different thesis writing. A thesis can be divided into the following sections to give a clear picture of the aspects of the topic of research.

Chapter 1

 Introduction: This chapter gives a background to the research problems, and lays the foundation about the key concepts related to the topic of research. Subsequently, aims and objectives of the study, research questions and significance of the study are defined. any organization providing thesis writing service should give utmost importance to this chapter.

Chapter 2

Review of Literature: This chapter includes detailed analysis of the literature review, including theoretical background and discussion on the existing studies on the present topic of research. The chapter covers the literature review aspect of the study, with respect to different relationships, models, theories, experiments, methodologies and other similar aspects in the existing available literature on the topic of research.

This chapter creates a base of the present research based on which the research creates a conceptual model for the present research. All phd thesis writing services should start by designing of questionnaire, understand the type of data to be collected, the tests or the  interviews to be conducted, the analysis to be conducted as everything has to be the part of literature review chapter.

Chapter 3

Research Methodology: This chapter explains the methods which were used to carry out the research. It includes primary data collection (quantitative or qualitative) followed by the secondary data (based on the primary data). Here author discusses the philosophy of research followed by research design. Further, the sampling plan and data collection procedures are discussed including sample size, plan, measuring instrument (questionnaire). Further, it discusses the tools and techniques of data collection and analysis followed by reliability and validity

Chapter 4

Data Analysis and Interpretations: With the help of the data collected through Primary and secondary research, the analysis to be done to highlight the objectives of the study is conducted in this chapter. Quantitative and/or qualitative analysis to be conducted are presented here along with results and their interpretation

Chapter 5

Conclusion and recommendations: Based on the analysis of the findings, conclusions are drawn, which are presented in this chapter based on the objectives of the study. Finally, the limitations of study are discussed along with the future scope of the study

We at Help In Project understand that Thesis writing is a long and continuous work that can require changes to be made, writings and re-writings, editing and re-editing to get the best results in form of a great research and hence we provide three free editing as well. For a good thesis, simply doing a good research and getting insightful results is not enough, hence our team providing thesis writing help makes sure that the research and findings are presented in the best possible manner within the guidelines of the university.

Our team at “Help in Project” will look after all your thesis preparation aspects in the following manner-
  • A proper layout will be created which will act as a roadmap for your project. The layout will cover all the sections and sub-sections that will be included in your research.
  • Thorough literature review will be conducted so that all the dependent and independent factors/ variables can be identified which will then act as the base of your research
  • Proper and the most relevant research methodology will be framed for your research
  • Primary and/or secondary analysis will be conducted to support the qualitative and/or quantitative research as per the requirement of the topic and area of study. Further, the research will be backed up by statistical/ non statistical analysis
  • Drawing inferences and presenting them in the most accurate manner is one of the most important aspect of dissertation writing which will be conducted by us in the most professional way
  • Formatting of the content will be done as per the guidelines of your school/ college/ university
  • Referencing will be done in the paper in the required format as per your specification. “Help in Project” will make sure that sufficient number of references are being included in the paper
  • We guarantee 100% plagiarism free work. In case you want plagiarism report, it will be provided to you with your project
  • In case you are not satisfied with the content or and section or aspect of the paper, you can avail our free editing service. As per our service, we will provide you three free editing on your each order.

The above mentioned whole process will then lead to the completion of your Thesis.

Note- In case you need to thoroughly understand every step followed by our experts and researcher including all the statistical and non statistical tests conducted, you can opt for our “Individual Support System”

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FAQs –

Who will write my thesis paper

Ans) Your paper will be written by a dedicated team of specialists in the domain of your research. Your paper will be written by writers and editors with a minimum of 5 years of research experience in the domain under the supervision of subject matter experts with 7+ years of experience in research.

Can I pay after receiving the paper

Ans) Our thesis writing help is a prepaid service. Our writers start working on the paper after the payment is received.

How qualified is the team handling and working on the thesis

Ans) The team consists of writers and content editors who are either Masters or PhD holders with 5+ years of experience in academic research in their subject of specialization. The language editors have 3+ years of experience in the field of English academic research and writing. The subject matter experts are PhD holders with 7+ years of research experience in their subject of specialization.

How can I contact my writer.

Ans) You can contact your project handler who will be the point of contact and will communicate with you on all the details and requirements of your project. Your project handler will be responsible for your project and will manage the team allocated to your thesis.

What is the percentage of plagiarism in your paper

Ans) Our thesis writing help team guarantees less than 10% plagiarism to all our clients. Our writers pay proper attention to the plagiarism issue as we know the importance of your paper. In case you require a plagiarism report, we can provide you the plagiarism report generated through Turn-it-in software (It is chargeable).

What other services do you provide?

Ans) Apart from thesis writing help, our top services include dissertation writing service, Synopsis writing service, research paper writing, proofreading service, editing service, assignment writing. Apart from academic research and writing, we specialize in content writing and management as well for business and marketing domains.