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Dissertation Writing Services

Dissertations play a very important part in your master’s degree. A huge percentage of your grades depend on the marks you score in your dissertation. But to do proper research for your dissertation, writing it, analysis of the results and it’s inference requires a lot of time and dedication. This is because you have so much to do like study for exams, finish of assignments and be a part of extra- curricular activities, job placements and many other similar activities that cannot be avoided either. Thus, many a times it becomes a little difficult to dedicate the amount of time and resources that should be invested in a dissertation. This is exactly where “Help in Project” comes to your rescue and provides dissertation writing services to students in writing their dissertation. We provide best in class dissertation writing services and we make sure you get best out of best.

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We make sure to include all important points while writing the dissertation for our clients such as:

·         Title/ Topic of Dissertation

Title is the first thing that a reader notices in a dissertation making title an important aspect of a dissertation. We at Help In project provide our clients dissertation writing help in deciding a topic that it is very impactful and precise at the same time which depicts the exact aspects covered in the dissertation. The title of the dissertation is instrumental in 2 ways. Firstly, the student has to get a degree and secondly the title will facilitate in creating a gateway towards the employability.

Most of the students pick a topic of their interest or area of choice. While selecting the topic in this way, the student will pass and get a degree. But when they start applying for a career, they face a lot of hurdles. Thus, it becomes important for the subject matter experts in Help In Project to guide the students to select a topic that not only helps in fulfilling the academic requirements but is also appealing to the organizations and the market so that the employability of the student increases.

So, the student should keep this in mind that the topic of the dissertation should be of interest of the organization. For example, how to motivate the staff without paying them extra for how to motivate a staff with non-monetary mechanisms. Hence students to try to pick up topic which when complete should improve and contribute towards the employability of the student. The topic should be such that the student can take the dissertation to the interview and present it to the panel so that they can see the topic and the contribution of the student towards the topic which further highlights the caliber of the student to contribute to the organization as well.

·         Abstract

Abstract is the part of the dissertation that appears at the very beginning of the work but should be written once the dissertation is complete. Help In Project while writing the abstract makes sure that it is very concise and summarizes the entire work. It has to be motivating and should inspire the reader to read the dissertation further. It should include all the important parts of the dissertation. This will then facilitate the reader in understanding the crux of the dissertation.

·         Introduction

Introduction is the first chapter of the dissertation. All the preliminary answers of the research work like why is dissertation conducted, what is the reason behind the work and what is the importance and the purpose of the dissertation and other related concepts are addressed. Most important part of this chapter is the aim and objectives of the research. This  facilitates the reader about the content of the dissertation. Hence, the writers at Help In Project write this chapter keeping in mind the flow of the whole dissertation.

·         Literature Review

With the advent of Internet, the students are exposed to huge amount of information and research papers available online. Now students can access all the information related to a specific topic within a short span of time. In other words, the students are only a click away from the plethora of research papers, articles, reports and white papers. Because of presence of gigantic pool of information and knowledge online, students reach the level of information overload. Students put in the information in the literature chapter without creating a proper link with the objectives of the study or the topic of research. Students commit this common mistake in literature review chapter.  Thus, our dissertation writing services create proper themes.  These themes are related to the objectives of the study in the literature review chapter. These themes are linked with each other and are properly justified for their usage in the chapter.

·         Research Methodology

Our experienced writers and researchers write this chapter in such a way that it should be able to defend and justify the methods and tools used for conducting the research. For example, if the student is using a questionnaire method, then the research methodology chapter should be able to defend as to why student has used the questionnaire method to conduct the research.

·         Analysis/ Findings/ Discussion

The findings of the research are supported by the references in our work. Further the finding is linked back to literature review chapter. This will facilitate in creating a link in all the chapters of the dissertation. If this link is not created, then dissertation will give an impression of being distorted. The findings chapter should be discussed systematically following the themes that have been identified in the literature review chapter.

·         Conclusion

Conclusion is the last chapter of the dissertation. This should include general findings of the research, implications and recommendations of the research. Implications and recommendation is a very important part of the dissertation. This is because it will show how the research work of the student can contribute to the society.

The Process:

Our dissertation writing help team at “Help in Project” will look after all your dissertation preparation aspects in the following manner-

  • If you have decided on the topic we will right away start working on it. If not yet decided, we will help you out in selection of the topic as per the area of research.
  • Help in Project” conducts through literature review. This helps in identifying all the dependent and independent factors/ variables.
  • Help in Project” helps in creating proper and the most relevant research methodology
  • As per the topic requirement “Help in Project”  conducts primary and/or secondary analysis  to support the qualitative and/or quantitative research a and area of study. Further,  we conduct statistical/ non statistical analysis to assess the research area
  • Drawing inferences and presenting them in the most accurate manner is one of the most important aspect of dissertation writing. “Help in Project” conducts this in the most professional manner.
  • We, at “Help in Project” do content formatting as per the guidelines of your school/ college/ university
  • Help in Project” does referencing as per specifications of University.  Further, we add sufficient number of references in the work
  • We guarantee 100% plagiarism free work.
  • In case of editing, we will provide you three free editing on your each order

The above mentioned whole process will then lead to the completion of your dissertation. Dissertation writing services help you in curating your dissertation nicely and present it confidently.

Note- In case you need to thoroughly understand every step followed by our experts and researcher including all the statistical and non statistical tests conducted, you can opt for our “Individual Support System”. Contact us now.