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How to Write Perfect Conclusion of Your Thesis

Thesis Conclusion

Thesis writing is complex task but it is inevitable for every Ph.D. student. Thesis writing involves great amount of research and resources. Every thesis has thesis statement which explains the idea behind it and its importance along with analysis and inference to reach the findings. At the end, the student has to write thesis conclusion which summarizes everything about topic and list down key takeaways.

Most of the time students need support in writing thesis conclusion because it matters a lot. It is the section of your thesis which actually answers the research questions, provides recommendations and states the limitations and future scope of the study.  A well written thesis conclusion is what every guide and panel of examiners looks for. If you are facing issues in writing thesis, it is right time to seek professional writing help. Assistance of professional writer will help you in overcoming all kind of issues related to academic writing from day one.

Discussion vs Conclusions

It is very important to understand difference between discussion and conclusion because many people confuse them which leads to ambiguous writing.  However, both are completely different and require different kind of approach in writing along with content requirement.


Discussion can be defined as contemplation or review of the main argument stated in thesis, it involves following:

  • Analysis of stated problem in comprehensive manner
  • Refences of methods and statistics used in research
  • Comparison of method with established and used processes

Discussion focuses on course of experiment and research done. It reflects upon process and mechanism to perform research and analysis.


It can be defined as a summary of paper with specific results and brief about problem statement and process involved. Conclusion is the section which answers the research questions. It includes following:

  • Restatement of problem statement, research conducted and findings
  • Specify biggest finding of paper with strong words and context
  • Overview of complete paper in few words

Focus on Research Question of Thesis

Simple formula to achieve success in writing thesis conclusion is to answer research questions of thesis comprehensively.  Try to answer very specifically to make sure that reader gets answers easily and also understands method and approach.

It is always useful to read samples available online to get understanding of research methods and approach of answering the research question.

Heading under which you answer research question does matter, always take care of it. Try to answer research question in body paragraphs only.


The main purpose of summarizing a thesis is to compile and summarize the entire research. All the chapters of the thesis should be linked therein creating a story wherein conclusion chapter should provide “The End” to your research. . The purpose of conclusion in a thesis is to restate and cover everything related to research in a concise manner. It is very important to connect the dots when writing conclusion. You need to make sure abstract idea establish a solid connection with final chapter of thesis. Your thesis, under various headings contain insights and info regarding topic of discussion and major question of thesis but it should not contain quantitative results.

You reveal all results and takeaway in conclusion section of thesis clearly. You specifically answer following questions in conclusion section of your thesis:

  • What has been studied?
  • What is the result
  • Why is it so important?
  • What are the recommendations/ managerial implications of your study?
  • What is the future scope and limitations of the research?

Some helpful hints are as follows.

  • Bring your final thoughts directly to your readers.
  • Avoid clichés and general ideas.
  • Review and analyze
  • Different words are used.

Make Accurate Recommendations

Another step in finalizing your thesis is to provide several tips. Other people want to know how your research solves the real time problems. Provide 5-6 recommendation sin the conclusion chapter based on the findings of your research. Discuss how to avoid potential inconveniences in the topic of research, suggest more effective methods, etc.

Before concluding your thesis, do not forget to provide recommendation. People want to understand how your research actually solves a particular problem or improve particular situation.  You should list down drawbacks of various methods and recommend effective approaches and processes.  Make sure your recommendations are specific and relevant.

Highlight Your Contributions

Always keep track of your involvement in projects you write. Mention the knowledge you have added to argument and back it by facts and references. Explain casual relationships and insights which helped in solving major question of your thesis.

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