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How to Write Perfect Synopsis – Synopsis Writing | Step By Step Guide

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Are you planning to appear in a PhD interview or have you completed your coursework and need to submit your synopsis? Synopsis for PhD purposes is similar to developing a research proposal. Synopsis writing is not crucial and complex work, we will try to give you clear understanding of synopsis writing.

How to write an  perfect synopsis

It usually includes the background of the study, review of latest literature, research questions, problem statement, proposed methodology and expected outcome of the research.

Most PhD scholars are intrigued on how to write PhD synopsis. Like if you are working on a topic related to microbiology or something related to mechanical engineering, will the format of synopsis change.

Also, if you are developing a synopsis on the topic related to English or Hindi literature, will there be a chaptalization scheme in the synopsis instead of the above structure?

It can help to take a structured approach. The following exercise takes a common narrative structure and invites you to answer each point with one or more sentences.

Writing a synopsis is no easy feat. Boiling down a whole immersive manuscript into one page of summary is a task that calls for focus and care.

Step by Step process of synopsis writing

We have compiled the following resource as a guide, but it is, of course, one of many ways to approach writing an effective two sentences in response. Although your story may be different in form, try to find some critical event that fits into the space.

After you have filled out the worksheet, rewrite these sentences in order somewhere else. Take the red pen to eliminate unnecessary words, tighten up phrasing, and make sure your sentences vary in structure. Aim for under 500 words at this point.

You will need to add in some connective words and phrases, in order to make sure it works as a whole. You can also add any events or information that are really truly needed for explanation or flow. Then, as with all good writing, you will need to revise, rewrite, and edit.

As a matter of fact, it is very important to introduce your topic and creates its background in a way that it comes out to be unique and interesting. This will give an impression to your guide and approval committee that you are proposing to work on something which leads to some unique finding at the end of the proposed thesis. This will then increase the chances of your synopsis to be approved. At the time of deciding and creation of synopsis, scholar should make sure that the expected outcome should be such that it is contributing to the society by finding something useful.

For example “Impact of work life balance on the performance of employees”; this topic will facilitate the managers in understanding if work life balance plays a role in improving or degrading the performance of the employee. Post this, the management of the organizations can accordingly provide apt work life balance to its employees which well then improve the performance of the employees. This will then ensure improve I the performance of the organization.

The topic discussed above provided a finding which when implemented in real time scenario, will provide fruitful results. The probability of approval of such topics increases.

A synopsis should be halfway between a sales pitch and a summary of the story. Scholar should proposed aim and objectives and research questions clearly so that the approval committee get a clear indication of the direction in which actual thesis will move in. In case, these aspects are not clear enough them the chances of rejection of the synopsis increase as the approval committee will get an impression that the scholar is not clear in ideas and topic of research there by creating a negative impression.

The scholar should not shy away from putting down the expected outcomes as it is only expected and not fixed in nature. So even if in actual thesis the results differ, it will not affect the quality of thesis. But yes, if expected outcomes are not included in the synopsis then it will not provide clarity to the synopsis.

Finally, it is recommended to consider synopsis as important as the thesis as this will decide the actual course of your research. It is advised to do proper research and literature review on the synopsis as well so that the quality improves.

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