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Online Marketing- A Dire Need

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Online marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses all forms of digital marketing like Social Media, Google AdWords, display marketing, Email, and third party ads. Now when there are traditional ways of marketing available why do we need online marketing techniques.

Suppose you want to buy a piece of technology or some clothes, even when you want to purchase your monthly groceries, you go online (Most of you!!). In today’s world, everybody is online and hence all communication is online. YOUR CUSTOMER IS ONLINE. The major reasons for the rapid adoption of online marketing have been discussed as follows-

Economic/Pocket-friendly: Online advertising is very economical. This makes it a clear winner when compared to traditional ways of marketing specially for Small and Medium Enterprises (where budgets are an issue). You may spend millions on Newspaper or TV advertising once or you may get better results by spending half of the same amount online where you can track your customers.

Better Visibility: As the customers are online, it makes more sense for the brands to make their presence online as well. Be it through a search engine or social media or website traffic the ultimate motive is to get the customers on their site. If a brand is available on various social media platforms and search engines, it persuades the user to visit the site once and that’s where the conversation begins.

Targeted Audience: Suppose you want to see a car and your advertisement is read by a teenager or a college student (they generally cannot afford it), then that ad is a wastage of money. Online marketing offers you the platform (analytics) where you can focus on your potential customers. This means if your customer is a male within an age group of 25 – 35 and lives in a metro city, your ads will be shown to your potential customer.

Direct Communication: The online presence has made brands more accessible to consumers. They are in direct contact with you and there say matters. If they like your service, they may tweet about it or write a positive review which will be propitious to your business. You can also ask customers to give you feedback, this is a great way of improvement and also persuades customers to revisit your site. If you have done your analytics right, you have your customer’s data. You can send birthday wishes and anniversary messages, which helps strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Credibility: If your website or the page has lots of positive reviews and people have liked your social media handle. Your brand gets credibility quicker than traditional ways. That is why today brands ask their customers to give them a five-star rating and give quick feedback. It is then displayed on their social media handles and site as happy clients, thus increasing their chances to close a deal with their potential customers.

All the brands have to realize that customer is the king and all their communication is to get their customer’s attention.

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