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How to Write a Catchy Dissertation Title | Dissertation Writing Service

A catchy dissertation title is very important aspect in a handle because it is something that the reader notices first in the dissertation. In case the title is not appropriate or attractive enough, the reader might lose interest even bore reading the dissertation. A clumsy dissertation title can also impact a student’s grade as the guide or the professor will create a perception about the work ahead beforehand. Thus, it is of at most importance for a student to decide on the most appropriate and suitable title for the dissertation. In case, you require professional help in deciding on the title, you can approach any organization providing dissertation writing service for this. There some points to keep in mind before finalizing the title of the dissertation. These points have been discussed in the content ahead in this article.

Firstly, decide on the research questions. This will help the student in understanding the scope of his/ her work. It is very easy to be lost in the depths of a research field. One can write an entire book or a single paragraph on a topic of interest. So it is advisable to decide the research questions so that the researcher is not deviated from the actual research path. On the basis of the research questions, the researcher can decide on the title as well. The research questions will help the researcher in deciding on a title that will be focused on the actual crux of the work. Research questions will also help the researcher in avoiding in selection of a wrong title which might not point towards the actual scope of the work. Assistance of companies providing dissertation writing service can be taken in deciding on the appropriate research questions and scope of the work.

Secondly, the words used in the title should be selected very carefully. The critical words to be used in the title should be the verbs. Thirdly, the topic should neither be too broad nor too narrow. For example, consider a topic titled “Review Project Management”. This is a very broad topic which can include anything and very thing in project management. Further, it is not telling anything about the specification of the research and is very vague. Now, consider the topic titles “Review Project Management in Automotive Industry”. This topic is still very massive and requires being refined further. This is because the title is still not telling anything specific or different being conducted in the study. Consider the title “Project Co-ordination Impact in Project Management Cycle in Automotive Industry of Germany”. This is a title that is giving insights on the crux of the work done in the dissertation. It is very clearly presenting to the reader about the main scope of work, the target area of research and the geographical area. There are many professional services available which provide dissertation writing service which can be availed to decide on the scope and the title of the dissertation.

Fourthly, one should never use acronyms in the title. For example in the title “TQM” should not be used in the place of “Total Quality Management”. Only full forms should be used in the title since they provide clarity. Fifthly, do not be biased in the title. For example, if you are mentioning “Success of Something” or “Failure of Something” in the title itself, it means you already know that something will be a success or failure before only even without starting off with any research. It should always be taken care of that the title is neutral. One can conclude the success or failure after the research is complete, in the conclusion of the dissertation.

There are some basic steps that one can follow while deciding on the title of the dissertation, which are as follows-

STEP I: Decide on the suitable subject area.

STEP II: Obtain general overview if the topic.

STEP III: Narrow down the topic.

Further, the different ways to find the topic are as follows-

  1. Go through reading material and notes
  2. Use observations made in daily life or maybe during an internship that one observed.
  3. Investigate gaps in the research or the contradictions in the existing literature.

Further, there are some points to remember while choosing a topic-

  1. Choose a topic that really interests you. This is because the researcher has to stay with the topic with a very long time. It can be the case that the researcher might have to defend the topic of dissertation at the time of job interviews as well.
  2. It is advised to the researcher/ students to choose a topic which can be of relevance to further studies or career goals and options.
  3. Make sure that there is enough literature available on the selected topic.
  4. The topic should be suitable in terms of scope and requirements.
  5. The selected topic has to be approved by the professor.

In case the researcher or the student is close to selecting a topic or has selected something, it is advisable to conduct a small and quick literature search before finalizing it. This will facilitate in understanding the scope of the topic, in understanding the progress of research in the selected area or the amount of research already done in the chosen area. Finally it will also help in identifying the research gaps. These gaps can also help in finalizing the topic and its title. This is because, the author can then work on addressing these research gaps in the dissertation.

In case the researcher or the student selects a broader topic for research, then it is important to restrict it. The restriction can be implemented by time period, geographical region, demographics, and inclusion of some theory (e.g. adaptation theory) or explanatory approaches like technology acceptance model.

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